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Welcome to our family blog. We are Rob and Laura Davis, our children are Anthony (3) and Jacqueline (1). We have been married for 5 wonderful years.  As we embark on this journey we hope you will pray alongside us until our children are home with their forever family. We hope to share as much as we can about our journey and hope to expose you to the world that is out there, a world where the fatherless are forgotten and abandoned. Life is so much bigger than the here and now or even the “American Dream.” Imagine living a life where while you sleep tonite, armed soldiers may invade your house, violate your family, murder your parents, and take you captive. Imagine a life where you are lucky if you can get a meal a day, a world where your country has been in civil war for over 10 years and the infrastructure is deteriorating. Natural resources are controlled on the black market by militias. Your parents, other adults, even pastors accuse you of witchcraft, you are verbally and physically abused before being cast to the streets with nothing. This is the reality many children of the DRC (Democratic Peoples Republic of the Congo, formerly Zaire) face every day. You are one of 5 million orphans in a country of 68 million people.

You may never feel the call to adopt but we all can do something. Pray for the orphans of the world, support those ministering to them. When you hear someone complain about having to work overtime, cut the grass, or think they are entitled to something because they “deserve it;” remember there are people out there that are truly suffering in the world and we never really take the time to reflect on how truly blessed we are in this country. If you have any comments, always feel free to post, and if Laura or I can answer any questions…we would love to do so.